Product Overview

The Serge Ferrari range is a high quality waterproof architectural PVC fabric range for use in a variety of tension membrane applications. This fabric is suited for large scale commercial waterproof shade structures such as car park shade. Serge Ferrari products are durable, offering constant high performance throughout their useful lives. They are recyclable, illustrating Serge Ferrari’s commitment to sustainable development and to reducing its environmental impact.

Product Benefits

502 Satin White (502v2-8102c)

502 Satin Boulder (502v2-2171)

502 Satin Aluminium (502v2-2168c)

502 Satin Concrete (502v2-2167c)

502 Satin Pepper (502v2-2012c)

502 Satin Camel (502v2-2141c)

502 Satin Sandy Beige (502v2-2135c)

502 Satin Vanilla (502v2-8861c)

502 Satin Champagne (502v2-8341c)

502 Satin Hemp (502v2-50265c)

502 Satin Autumn (502v2-2157c)

502 Satin Teak (502v2-50669c)

502 Satin Cocoa (502v2-2148c)

502 Satin Walnut Stain (502v2-2137c)

502 Satin Celadon (502v2-50675c)

502 Satin Steel Blue (502v2-50676c)

502 Satin Lagoon (502v2-2160c)

502 Satin Porcelain Green (502v2-50670c)

502 Satin Celestial Blue (502v2-50672c)

502 Satin Victoria (502v2-50677c)

502 Satin Thistle Blue (502v2-50270c)

502 Satin Dark Blue (502v2-50673c)

502 Satin Midnight Blue (502v2-2161c)

502 Satin Marine (502v2-1125c)

502 Satin Black (502v2-8450c)

502 Satin Spruce (502v2-2156c) Close

502 Satin Lemon (502v2-50674c)

502 Satin Orange (502v2-8204c)

502 Satin Dijon (502v2-50671c)

502 Satin Buttercup (502v2-2166c)

502 Satin Aniseed (502v2-2157c)

502 Satin Carrot (502v2-2172c)

502 Satin Tennis Green (502v2-8056c)

502 Satin Olive (502v2-50668c)

502 Satin Moss Green (502v2-2158c)

50 Satin Terracotta (502v2-20185c)

502 Satin Burgundy (502v2-8284c)

502 Satin Poppy (502v2-8255c)

502 Satin Raspberry (502v2-2150c)

502 Satin Velvet Red (502v2-2152c)


Showcasing Serge Ferrari's stunning 40 colours available with performance specifications.


Technical information on 702 S2's suitability for commercial applications.


Technical information on this fabrics suitability for large commercial tension membranes


Serge Ferrari 502 has been designed for shade sails is a highly resistant membrane designed to last over the years. It protects against bad weather and UV. This waterproof fabric, available in 40 colours, affords creative freedom and is particularly suitable for shade sails and blinds.

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