Beautifully versatile interior fabric.

PVC glass is a durable interior fabric consisting of a glass fibre weave with a PVC coating. It has many characteristics, one being that it is printable, making it excellent for branding, advertising or an artistic interior feature. It’s also available in a variety of colours.

Improve the acoustics in your space.

The introduction of PVC glass offers quantitative acoustic improvements to any space that has a lot of hard reflective surfaces. Engineered to absorb sound waves and reduce reverberation, this fabric is both practical and aesthetic.

Light management

PVC Glass can be used for interior solar shading and managing sunlight and glare in atriums or in spaces with large glazed walls.

With excellent fire ratings and easy maintenance, this fabric has many applications from blinds and sun screens to sails, suspended kites and rafts.


Exterior / Interior Life Expectancy Translucency Recyclable Frequency of Maintenance Cost Fire Rating
PVC PolyesterExteriorYes
Silicone Glass BothYes
PTFE GlassExteriorNo
PVC GlassInteriorNo
Stretch FabricInteriorNo