A beautifully engineered fabric with excellent light transmission.

Silicone Glass is an elegant option offering up to 42% light transmission in white. This strong, yet lightweight glass fibre fabric is available in an array of colours allowing architects, designers and end users to add bold colour to their landscape.

Perfect for exterior structures or ceilings.

Because Silicone Glass fabric has an excellent fire rating, it is perfect for indoor applications such as ceilings, screens and sculptural structures.

Allows photosynthesis to occur.

One of the many benefits of Silicone Glass fabric is its ability to block out short wave UV-B light. UVB is harmful to people and animals. Silicone Glass does allow the transmission of UV-A light which essential for photosynthesis, allowing plants to grow under a structure made of this dynamic fabric.

Low maintenance makes it perfect for many applications including: covered walkways, entrances, school playgrounds, parks, sports and leisure centres and retail spaces.


Exterior / Interior Life Expectancy Translucency Recyclable Frequency of Maintenance Cost Fire Rating
PVC PolyesterExteriorYes
Silicone Glass BothYes
PTFE GlassExteriorNo
PVC GlassInteriorNo
Stretch FabricInteriorNo