We are experts in designing thoughtful and elegant framework systems manufactured with steel, aluminium or glulam.

With over 30 years experience designing fabric structures, we are fully equipped to understand what is required to support your structure. Our designers focus on making structural suggestions that optimise efficiency, while maintaining the look of your structure. Every project is unique and requires an expert’s eye for detail.

One Stop Shop

Because we handle everything from the conceptual design, manufacturing, framework, project management and installation, we really are a one stop shop. Our clients find working with us easy – we free you up to do what you do best. We are happy to attend pre-start meetings and take on as much or as little of the project as you wish. You can expect us to:

  • Design and implement programmes
  • Handle and manage logistics and plant hire
  • Undertake ongoing maintenance
Designed for Fabric

Designing support structures in sympathy with the fabric element is both and art and a science. Unlike other construction materials, fabric is dynamic and constantly flexing and moving under loads such as wind, snow and rain. For this reason, supporting structures need to be designed to be able to take these dynamic loads and hold the membrane in position without the structure becoming damaged or pulled out of shape.

  • A structure built to last
  • Lower maintenance
  • Quality finish
Value Added

Whether you’re using steel, aluminium, or glulam, our design input will help realise your vision. By joining a project at an early stage, we can often suggest ideas to adapt the supporting structure and framework. Doing so from the onset of a project has many benefits to you including:

  • Saving money by offering cost saving solutions
  • Ensuring our work dovetails with your construction requirements.